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Cut for those who fear even the slightest of spoilers.Collapse )
My brother feels pressured to see the Watchmen movie against his will, feels his Geek Card will be removed if he doesn't go see it.

I don't really care if my brother likes Watchmen or not. It doesn't really change anything about how I think about him. I would imagine that there are a few people who are geeks and would go "Eh" at Watchmen. I mean, I'm an English Major and I go "Eh" at Catcher in the Rye. I can appreciate it for what it is but I still don't think it's awesome. I wouldn't even go see a movie of it. It doesn't pique my interest much like I'm sure Watchmen doesn't pique my brother's.

So friendly readers I ask you: What's your secret sin? What do you feel pressured to like or have been pressured to read/watch when in truth you really just didn't care?

Follow up question: Geek Cred - something serious or something not real at all and shouldn't be taken seriously. Should we care about what other Geeks think about other Geeks? I'm a geek but I'm not into Neal Stephenson, would I get demerits if I didn't see Snowcrash if it were made into a movie? If someone wasn't into Graphic Novels but into Star Trek does that make them any less of a person?

I'm just curious