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Yes, that's right folks, LOST is BACK and so are my recaps of the show. Now, for those of you at home who have NOT been paying attention to ANY of season 1, I will give you a crash (hah!) course in the show (and if you didn't get that joke, you really need to read this).

Whokay - so there's this plane with a convict, a doctor, a druggie rawk star hobbit, a large latino man with amazing hair, and some other people who are really just ground fodder. Plane crashes and goes boom. Sad. The survivors band together and fight off wild boars and crazy people. Awesome back stories are had. A hatch is found. A shaman like once-was-paralyzed-and-now-is -the-resident-philosphy-major becomes one with the island. Pretty boys fight with out their shirts on. Marriages fall apart. Son and Father bonds are strengthened. Did I mention the awesome backstories? So yes - even MORE crazy people are found and then a woman has a baby. A raft is built. A raft gets burned down. ANOTHER raft gets built. Crazy french lady says the baddies are coming. Mr. Science Teacher from nowhere gives us a lesson in tropical storm systems and then gets blown up (that's him all over!). Four heros go off for the rescue (it's supposed to be a three hour tour) and everybody else is peeing their pants in cave town hollow. Convict, doctor, awesome haired latino and shaman man blow up the hatch. END OF ACT 1.

So yeah - that opening scene? BEST EVAH! Carly Simon for the win. I thought the panic in cave town hollow was well done. Not NEARLY enough Charlie for my taste. Sayid gave Charlie this look that meant something, but I don't know what. Damnit - I need my LOST dvd!

This was mainly a Jack episode, which to me is dissapointing. I mean - the title of this ep was "Man of Science, Man of Faith" so I totally thought it was going to be a Locke/Jack standoff with sparks a'flyin'. But no - however, I think the Man of Faith is Desomond, who somehow ended up in the hatch shooting up on some sort of medicine, and lots of it.

I still have questions - tons and tons and tons of questions. I am sure that Lost will deliver though and we will have another season of kickass back stories and plot development LIKE THERE HAS NEVER BEEN SEEN BEFORE!

Or else I shall pitch a fit.

PS - Invasion SUCKED BALLS. Who the hell goes wandering off in a hurricane? Who LETS their child go wandering off in a hurricane? Who goes searching for dead bodies IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT IN EEL GATOR INFESTED WATERS?!?!?! And yeah, Hi! I'm a weather reporter! I'm just going to stand infront of this plate glass window while 100 mph winds are going on! YES! I WORK FOR FOX NEWS!
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