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There are no words to express just exactly how my day went. Perhaps there are, but at this moment, the idea of raping a theasaurus does not appeal to me. But I guess these will do: Stink, Stank, Stunk.

It's a well known fact at work that *I* will get the more...interesting...calls. I had four of them in a row. We decided that we'll just go ahead and forward all the insane problem calls to me.

"What? You've filled the tub up completely with wet cement? Let me just transfer you over to Margaret."

"Oh, you say that you think there's meth lab equiptment in the tub we just picked up? Margaret will deal with you in a second."

With everything that's been going on in my life right now, I feel like I've been holding onto a single thread of hope. Right now I want to get into a fight. I want to be mean and ruthless and be just plain horrible. Instead, I'm going to finish my so not healthy dinner and bake cookies. Why? Because I want to do something that I know will have positive outcomes.

I know how to bake cookies. I could bake cookies in my SLEEP. I follow the steps and in a few minutes I'll have a wonderful tasty treat to share with friends and co-workers. And then, once they taste the fruits of my labors, they will worship me like unto a cookie baking GOD. A GOD I SAY.

Sometimes all we want to do is follow the rules and have something turn out RIGHT, instead of getting jerked around and yelled at.

If my cookies come out crappy, I think I'll lose it.
(Deleted comment)
Heh - it's from DiscWorld (a series I love like burning) and it totally fits whenever I'm extra pissy :)
Blah at sucky workness! Blah I say.