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Oh man, this was great. We had multiple stories, flashbacks, screaming eels, I was in geek heaven. I missed A LOT of what Desmond, the crazy scotch irish (he's like whiskey, in a way) said. He asked Locke something about "what did the blah blah say to the blah blah" and you could see Locke thinking to himself "Fuck! I KNOW this! I KNOW this damn joke!" before he just told the truth. Or maybe he was just trying to figure out what Whiskey McCrazy was saying. Lord knows I was. I need tivo.

As for our brave raft crew, we got wet Sawyer digging A BULLET FROM HIS BODY WITH HIS FINGERS. EW EW EW. And the blood made the sharks come, which later Mike blew up, hardcore gangsta style. Meanwhile, WHERE THE FUCK IS JIN??? The boat blew up and Jin is NOW WHERE TO BE FOUND. Jiiiiiiiiin, oh JIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN, where did you go? Oh look, we found you as we got back to shore! Hey, why are you tied up and running away? Others? What others? OOOOOOOOOOOH FUCK, THOSE OTHERS.

Some favorite parts of the show:
Claire: what's this? *pulls out the Mary statue*
Charlie: Oh, um, I just found it...
Claire: I didn't think you were religious?
Charlie: What? Oh no! I totally am! She's Our Lady of Perpetual Cocaine Addicts! Hail Mary, full of smack, illegal be thy name....

As kate went climbing through the ducts, Whiskey McCrazy started blasting out Mama Cass (my bad for calling her carly simon) and the look on her face was "Holy fuck, who chooses to PLAY this??"

Next Week:
We find out who the others are. My guess? Judging by the fact that it was the girl we saw Jack talking to way back when, it's the tail end of the ship. They probably went all lord of the flies because they didn't have Captain Hero Jack and Locke the Comforter. IT does look like they set up their own cave town hollow, so we have that.

God, I love this show.

I actually caught my first bit of the show, finally... my girlfriend loves it and I can see why. :)
Sawyer & Michael on their bits of broken raft was like a wacky post-modern symbolist play, with them just talking and being suspended in black space. Until the shark showed up, of course.

Heroin-filled statues of the Virgin Mary are the perfect excuse for a round of "opiate of the masses" jokes.

Desmond's joke: I thought he said "sailor" or "singer," but my roommate heard "snowman." Thankfully, I'm a geek, and having consulted the tape it turns out he does say snowman. I rather suspect that what the one snowman said to the other snowman was "chill out," but I might be making that up.

Cutest thing: Michael gave little Walt a stuffed polar bear! So adorable.
...well SURE he gave him a stuffed polar bear which was left out in the rain, got moldy, cast into the ocean, was subjected to pollutants, radiation, solar flares and TV commercials until it BECAME ALIVE and washed up on the island where they killed it back in like Episode Three. See? You have to pay attention. It was LOST and now found...and dead.
D'oh! I can't believe I missed the super-obvious back story for the polar bear. Damn those solar flares & TV commercials for what they did to that poor, innocent bear.