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October is supposed to be cool and crisp and refreshing. There should be wind that blows like needles through your clothes. I should be able to see my breath in the morning.

Of course, on my 20th birthday we had a teeeny tiny snow flurry, and that was MOST uncalled for.

I've been talking to New College and they reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally want me to come and visit and have an interview with them. I am most happy. I am also scared shitless, but that's just normal. Now, I could fly out for a weekend and visit them, but prices are interesting. If I fly into SF direct, I save $150 - but I have no transportation and no place to stay. I could fly into Sac and then take amtrack into the city, but once again - $150....This might be time to call on my INCREDIBLY vague contacts and be all "Hi, we met once about 4 years ago and I'm friends with friends of yours...could I crash on your couch for a night?" But we'll see.

Serenity kicks all and total ass. No, really, it does. If you haven't seen Serenity go and watch it. If you haven't seen Fire Fly, don't worry. The movie stands alone in its wonderfulness.

Kitchen Confidential is a wonderful show that you all should be watching.
If you just need a place to crash in San Fran, do a quick search on hostels in the area. I stayed at one a few years ago for 25 $ a night or so. The accomadations aren't amazing (usually dorm style sleeping, for instance, though you can pay a little more and get a room) but it would probably beat sleeping on a couch.
my sister lives in cali. . .Pleasanton, i think. if you want, I can inquire about a crashpad if u want me to.
If both Scott and I vouch for you, chances are you could stay with Jamie and Schwa.