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1. Meg needs a new home.
2. Meg needs to learn to let go.
3. Meg needs to comply with a certain purity level.
4. Maybe Meg needs to be moved along.
5. Meg needs a drink.
6. Meg needs to find a guy who wants to chase her for a while.
7. The other, of course, is that Meg needs as much continuity as possible.
8. Meg needs to work hard to retain the loyalty of fans.
9. Med needs to collect, use, retain and disclose personal information.
10. Meg needs to figure out her place.

1. Margaret needs a blog.
2. Margaret needs assistance.
3. Margaret needs your help NOW!
4. Margaret needs to be needed.
5. Margaret needs to know what the heck it's all about.
6. Margaret needs to consolidate the implementation report.
7. Margaret needs some meds for her rash.
8. Margaret needs a name for the her's horse in her August '06 book.
9. Margaret needs Ginger's help.
10. Margaret needs someone to talk to, but who???
*chases Meg for awhile* ;-)
how do u knw so much bout me