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Stoop Monkey Messiah and other tales

Jesus takes his smoke break outside the coffee house where I get my sandwich every day. He wears hush puppies and reads the paper as he sits on the steps leading up to the 'Burg. There's always someone to talk to him as he soaks in the afternoon sun. I pass him as I go up the stairs and wonder if I'm ever going to say something. "I like your shoes" sounds pretty lame, I mean, what are you supposed to say to the son of God as he smokes his camel light. "Hey man, that'll give you cancer." "It's no worries dude - I can heal the sick."

Saturday night I went down to the 7th street entry to catch United State of Electronica. I also caught Wes Burdine & The Librarians (who have an amazingly catchy song about Jose Canseco) and The Divorce. After the first set, I stood in line to use the bathroom (which, for those of you who have not had the benefit of being at the 7th st entry, is like a prison bathroom. It's a bit creepy and lord only knows what's growing on the floor) and, as is my nature, made a line buddy of the girl in front of me. And who did that girl turn out to be? Amanda, one of the girl singers for USE. I was flabbergasted, and told her how much I loved her bad. I showed her my "I'm a Party People" pin and she was all "You are SUCH a party people!" I said if they played Night Shift I would be ever so happy and she said she'd tell it to the set guy. Sure enough, middle of the show "This next song is about a security guard and goes out to MEG!" Yeah, I was happy.

I watched "Everything is Illuminated" with The Capt'n and his 1st mate, Susie. The movie is amazingly beautiful and depressing. Of course, it's hard to make a happy movie about the holocaust. The story telling, the dialog, the humor, the pacing, it's all just amazing. It's just an amazing film. Very touching and haunting. And soon I'll finish the book, after my birthday queue is done.

2cent passed away this weekend. I didn't know him very well, but there was no way NOT to know who this guy was. I am sad for my friends who knew him better and who are grieving together, but I am glad that they have each other for support. It's hard to let go because we don't like to let go. But what makes a person immortal? It's not living forever physically, but being kept alive by those who remember. Getting over a friend and a brother isn't something that happens over night, over a week, a month or a year. But keeping them immortal and wonderful is what we do to our friends. And in return, our friends will do the same when we pass.

I believe that life moves in cycles. In all things, it moves in cycles. We will all meet again. Somehow, we will all meet again.
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