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I was doing bullet points before bullet points were cool.

And that's because I'm not cool.
  1. Friday Night
    • I rolled into town at 7:15. I sauntered up to to Schuldes and was greated by Ghost, who had no clue I was coming into town. I can think of only a handful of people who I like to run into the first time I'm in town. Ghost is one of them.
    • I then sauntered into the gym where I was greeted by a cascade of EC girls, charging down the bleachers and over some BUD girls. I then led them in a cheer, because that's what I do. I cheer.
    • EC came in 3rd for Tug-of-war. You have no idea how crazy that is.
    • Their Scream Your Theme kicked some major ass.
    • I went to a Pure Romance party at Johanna's house. It was a grand time. I bought a new friend.
    • I'm sure half of you didn't need to know that
    • I went to the party at the Alpha house which was pretty much dead by the time we got there. But I met Carbomb, who we now call "Nubby" (if you know carbomb, but don't know why we call him Nubby, ask me and I'll tell you. It has to deal with a picture).
    • Like all things, the party and wop was movable, so we took the show over to the Communist Party (I was going to get a pig nose and go as Snowball. Props if you get this.
    • Toebe and Buster got in a fight, and Toebe threw a fit like a little girl.
    • We went to Perkins and it was tasty. I drunk text'ed David and he stoned text'ed me. Aaah, love from 2,000 miles away.
  2. Saturday Night
    • Went to Elizabethtown with Sarah, Alli, Muddy, and Samwise
    • I really wanted to like Elizabethtown, but I couldn't. I hate it when movies are like that. Review forthcoming.
    • Sarah, Alli and I went to perkins to see if VVer was working, but she wasn't. The food was good though.
    • The Cloister Girls took it on the road to NIcky's in hopes of Pink Squirrels.
    • Nicky's let us down, bastards.
    • We met up with Fluffy, Abby, Patty and Goji and booked it over to the 'Naw.
    • The next few hours are a blur: I drank alot, Abby and I won at cribbage, there was a lot of singing, mingling, and groping. Fun was had BY ALL
  3. Sunday
    • I learned how to crochet.
    • Fluffy, Abby and I talked about religion. It was AWESOME. I know cool people
    • I drove home

  • I never get to see as many people as I want to see when I'm in Green bay. I always feel like I leave someone out and it really really sucks. Of course, I have a cell phone, so people could call me.
  • The new bypass of Chippewah Falls opened and I didn't notice until I realized I wasn't on a godforsaken 2 lane highway.
  • Do I have a neon sign on my head that says "BOYS! COME TO ME WITH YOUR GIRL PROBLEMS AND I WILL SOLVE THEM FOR YOU!!!!" because really, this is getting a bit annoying to me. Is that all I am to you guys? A councilor? Don't they ever teach you these things in school?
  • There is nothing like hearing "MEG!!" followed by huge hugs. It feels good.
  • I give up. I suck at this game. I think the one thing Elizabethtown had right was the thing on substitute people.
  • someone today told me that they were in love with my phone voice. Bless.
  • It's been a year since I've met Sharkbait, Keifer, XingXing, and a whole slew of people that are really cool. Wow - a year.
  • If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go crochet now.
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