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And that's because I'm not cool.
  1. Friday Night
    • I rolled into town at 7:15. I sauntered up to to Schuldes and was greated by Ghost, who had no clue I was coming into town. I can think of only a handful of people who I like to run into the first time I'm in town. Ghost is one of them.
    • I then sauntered into the gym where I was greeted by a cascade of EC girls, charging down the bleachers and over some BUD girls. I then led them in a cheer, because that's what I do. I cheer.
    • EC came in 3rd for Tug-of-war. You have no idea how crazy that is.
    • Their Scream Your Theme kicked some major ass.
    • I went to a Pure Romance party at Johanna's house. It was a grand time. I bought a new friend.
    • I'm sure half of you didn't need to know that
    • I went to the party at the Alpha house which was pretty much dead by the time we got there. But I met Carbomb, who we now call "Nubby" (if you know carbomb, but don't know why we call him Nubby, ask me and I'll tell you. It has to deal with a picture).
    • Like all things, the party and wop was movable, so we took the show over to the Communist Party (I was going to get a pig nose and go as Snowball. Props if you get this.
    • Toebe and Buster got in a fight, and Toebe threw a fit like a little girl.
    • We went to Perkins and it was tasty. I drunk text'ed David and he stoned text'ed me. Aaah, love from 2,000 miles away.
  2. Saturday Night
    • Went to Elizabethtown with Sarah, Alli, Muddy, and Samwise
    • I really wanted to like Elizabethtown, but I couldn't. I hate it when movies are like that. Review forthcoming.
    • Sarah, Alli and I went to perkins to see if VVer was working, but she wasn't. The food was good though.
    • The Cloister Girls took it on the road to NIcky's in hopes of Pink Squirrels.
    • Nicky's let us down, bastards.
    • We met up with Fluffy, Abby, Patty and Goji and booked it over to the 'Naw.
    • The next few hours are a blur: I drank alot, Abby and I won at cribbage, there was a lot of singing, mingling, and groping. Fun was had BY ALL
  3. Sunday
    • I learned how to crochet.
    • Fluffy, Abby and I talked about religion. It was AWESOME. I know cool people
    • I drove home

  • I never get to see as many people as I want to see when I'm in Green bay. I always feel like I leave someone out and it really really sucks. Of course, I have a cell phone, so people could call me.
  • The new bypass of Chippewah Falls opened and I didn't notice until I realized I wasn't on a godforsaken 2 lane highway.
  • Do I have a neon sign on my head that says "BOYS! COME TO ME WITH YOUR GIRL PROBLEMS AND I WILL SOLVE THEM FOR YOU!!!!" because really, this is getting a bit annoying to me. Is that all I am to you guys? A councilor? Don't they ever teach you these things in school?
  • There is nothing like hearing "MEG!!" followed by huge hugs. It feels good.
  • I give up. I suck at this game. I think the one thing Elizabethtown had right was the thing on substitute people.
  • someone today told me that they were in love with my phone voice. Bless.
  • It's been a year since I've met Sharkbait, Keifer, XingXing, and a whole slew of people that are really cool. Wow - a year.
  • If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go crochet now.
Go snowball!
I love Snowball because I love Trotsky. I once said "Love is like communism and I am Leon Trotsky."

Too bad I don't know what exactly I meant by that.
Trotsky is like communism...so...you are like love?
That's what I'm getting out of that...
I think it had to do with the line "love is like communism: looks great on paper, fails in practice." And then Trotsky being the guy who helped spearhead that movement, and then ended killed by an ice pick.

Meaning: anytime I'm in love I will end up dead in Mexico.
SNOWBALL...Man I shouldn't get that referance but I do.
No - you really should. Animal Farm KICKS ASS.
we placed 4th in SYT :D

and...nubby?....i had no idea that was carbomb...for some reason, we were thinking it was boston *cringes*
HOORAY FOR 4TH! You guys deserved better, but I'm glad you got the recognition that you did :) You all should be so proud!

All I know is that Arscnic said there was a photo....and this photo had...."nubs"...on it. I have yet to SEE said photo, but I think Nubby is a wonderful name to give anybody foolish enough to take a picture of their own genetelia.

And Boston makes ANYBODY cringe...
We had no idea for a while either...then someone or another(who shall remain anonymous) IDed said nubs in said picture. All of us cringed for about a week. Either way, we would have been cringing...but...yeah.

You honor me Meg! It was great to see you. Wish I had run across you on Saturday.

Oh, and Meg...I've been spending a lot of time with this one girl and...

:-P j/k
I'll let you know next time I'm in town, but I honestly don't know when that'll be.

And it's no worries on the advice :) Just as long as the boys take it to heart what I advise...
(Deleted comment)
Hahahha - I will try. If my first hat turns out to be a crime against humanity, I will send it to you so the knitters Tribunal doesn't come after me...
SNOWBALL, ahahahaaa! That would have been awesome. Yeah, Toebe does act like a mangina often, and Buster is a royal yutz, but they are at least quality entertainment. I can only hope that when I FINALLY make it back out there for homecoming that I will be greated with half the fun and frivolity that you were. FYI, you're not a counselor, but you do have valid points on all things female, so maybe that's the root factor.
FYI, you're not a counselor, but you do have valid points on all things female, so maybe that's the root factor.

I guess what it is is that why can't anybody else see these points besides me? And why do people continue making the same mistakes?
it was so totally fab to see you!@ :-D
It was awesomely fab to see you :)
when did you go to perkins?? I never work earlier then nine in the morning or later then nine at night
aaaaaaaaah, see, it was after nine both times, I never remember when you work :( I'm sorry we didn't get to hang out more but I will try to make it back out there!