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Your Life is Like

Being John Malkovich
What John Cusack movie are you?

I woke up this morning and couldn't talk. Laryngitis sucks BALLS. That's the ONLY thing wrong with me, really, but I can't go into work and not talk on the phone. I mean, that's all I do and I need to be able to be understood. ProStaff could hardly hear me as I mumbled out my SSN in a harsh voice. Racheal heard me just fine, but that's because we're used to understanding people. Hell, she could probably understand me if I was talking under 20 ft of water.

But it hurts to talk. And I mean HURTS. Right now I am drinking lots of delicious warm tea and sucking back the zinc like no body's business. Placebo or not, I swear the damn things work.

I want to kick this thing in the bud by the weekend. I've got plans, man! PLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANS!!!!!!!!! I may not feel crappy now but if I'm not careful, this could turn into something like the martian death flu, and we all know how THAT went...
Well, if you don't get rid of it by the weekend, you could be a "mute" for halloween!