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I kind of enjoy doing laundry on friday nights, don't ask me why - I can't tell you. IT's relaxing to know that I'll have all my laundry done by the weekend and clean clothes.

Six years ago, my freshman year of college, I spent halloween doing my laundry. Somehow my friend Chris convinced me to drag my laundry to the dorm next door so we could do laundry together in the basement Burke. Actually, maybe it was the night before halloween. But anyways, we watched The ROcky Horror Picture Show as we folded our respective under garments.

Afterwards, we got bored. VanDyke (which is now the new Campus Center, which, I suppose, is not all that new anymore) was under construction and also under lock and key. What does this mean to two crazy freshmen? It means that VanDyke is now our own playground. It also helped that there was a rumor it was haunted by a demon. What BETTER place to spend halloween?

Chris had figured out before how to sneak into the compound. It involved scaling a wall, opening a door, then opening a window for me to get through to the basement. We then climbed the stairs and went up to the copper topped observatory tower at midnight telling ghost stories. Chris is more stoic than I, so he was not spooked out. However, I have an active imagination.

On the second floor of VanDyke was where the old gym was (the new gym is in the same place). When we were there, they hadn't put the new floor in yet, and through the darkness I could see faint light coming up through the floor. Chris went out and ran across it, jumping in the open space; his own dance floor.

I've had a lot of fun halloweens, but there's something special about the one I spent with Chris in a building that was supposedly haunted and DEFINITELY off limits is one of the best ones I have had.

Sometimes, the best adventures come when you simple sit down to do your laundry.
man, i never went into VanDyke after dark, it was creepy enough in the light. And before it was under construction, the mail room and the textbook store were in the basement, and that was all that was open to students.
RVDH has a security glitch? I wonder if said glitch is still useable...it would be rather cool to be able to be there after midnight. They probably have the security system up comprehensively though...oh well.
THis was BEFORE it was RVDH. THis was when it was still under construction. No electricity, no real locks, just a few chains across some doors and a fence or two.

Lemur managed to climb up the side of the building to where a door was (that eventually would lead to a balcony, but right then was just a door 30ft off the ground) and let himself in.

When we went in, it barely looked like RVDH looks now; it was just a skeleton version and waaay too fun to play with.
i still maintain that it was haunted! ::shudder!!!:: once i sneaked all the way up to the observatory, and that was creeeepy. were you with us? i can't remember if it was just me and lemur or if anyone else was there, or if lemur was even there at all that time. i know i had human company at the time. hmm. could it have been chris dietz? remember *that* guy?!