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Cry of Anguish

This sucks and sucks A LOT.

THe cold that I had last week migrated into my lungs, where it has taken up residence in the warm squishy folds of my alveoli. I went to the minute clinic at target yesterday and they gave me a prescription for amoxicillin and told me to try some mucinex to help break up the phlegm.

I went into work today, but only lasted an hour as coughing racked my body. It was productive coughing, but I can't spend half of my calls on hold while I attempt to breathe. Rachael said she was watching my face turn red when she decided to send me home.

This pisses me off. I mean, I understand work's reasoning for making me go home. Hell, I should be home (and I am) resting (I'm going right to bed after this) and drinking fluids (nothing but water have passed my lips this whole week). I'm just frustrated that there's nothing I can do by wait as my body fights off the nasty buggies that have decided my respiratory system is their own little studio 54.

I'm almost in tears of frustration, which proves that I really AM sick. I'm just grumpy and all I want is to be better, or to be comforted, or be brought soup, or...or...something. I am the most miserable creature on earth when I'm sick, and now I'm sick AND depressed that my pay check this week will SUCK BALLS.

Not good.

Now I'm going off to bed to sleep and sulk.
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