Not much in the land of Meg. The 'Burg said they'd hire me part time in the winter when Tubs cuts my hours. They would love to have me working for them and I would love to learn how to brew a good cup of coffee.

My new purple scarf is almost done - probably by the end of the week or so I'll have my new winter scarf that will match my Power Suit(tm) for my interview with New College. Yes, I'm sad like that. Shut up. I love you!

The cats love the new chair. The cats snuggle on the new chair then glare at me as I uproot them. They then snuggle against me and try to oust me from new chair. I laugh at them and crochet loops around them. They go off to sulk.

I've started reading "Pale Horse" and I am shocked about how close my movie script/novel is to it. Which is creepy because I've never read Pale Horse, or had even heard of it, when I started writing. Weird.

PS - LJDQ quoted me this week. I feel special.