Megmander (fantom07) wrote,

Mmmm....delicious books....

1) All current reading is now put on hold as A Feast For Crows has come out today and I OWN it.

2) There's a honda civic ad on tv. It's all nature-y and stuff and has this HORRIBLE scene. At first it lures you in with a false sense of security and serenity. Awww look, there's a pretty butterfly emerging from it's chrysalis! And then there's a car. Okay. Awwww! Now a snake is slithering by the road! Pretty! Car again, whatever. And hmmm...what's this? A pulsating white ball and OH MY FUCKING GOD THERE ARE BABY SPIDERS ERUPTING AND CRAWLING EVERYWHERE!!!!

I will never buy a honda civic.

3) Discussed the concepts of heaven and hell last night until I brutally killed the metaphor. Up until the untimely death, it was a good conversation. I miss having these weird talks that may, or may not, mean anything yet somehow still make your brain work. Confusion means you're thinking.

4) I hate female plumbing. I seriously do. But it's hard, too - because you can't hate something that's so amazingly well built. However, you can hate how fragile it can be at times. I had a guy friend once who said he would love to be a woman for a week to know what menstruation feels like, and went on about how amazingly womanly it is, unique and wonderful, blah blah blah. Yeah, well, sure - hooray, I'm a woman, someday I can bear children. But in the meantime, I would gladly remove my uterus and sell it on ebay.

5) I just want to reiterate one more time: I suck at this game.
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