I love reading a new book, especially one that I have been waiting for for a long time. I have been savoring the chapters, enjoying the new narrators and the ongoing story with new twists. I don't even want to make guesses. I don't want to try to jump ahead at all. I do worry for Arya, though. She quoted her father, saying "The lone wolf dies while the pack survives" and mused on how her whole family has died, but this lone wolf has survived. However, I fear that emotionally she won't survive. I don't know why I think this - but the more she quests for revenge with deadly fervor the less she becomes a Stark. Granted, all people change, but I wonder if a part of her will die. (I think it would be totally awesome if she became a hard core assassin and had to go up against Jon Snow, not realizing who she was sent to kill...)

America's Next Top Model SUCKS this year. I enjoy watching ANTM, it's like my dirty little secret ("what's MY secret? I watch America's Next Top Model and then hate myself for it"). But really, all of the girls are vapid little bitches, with maybe the exception of Kim but even she gets on my nerves.

The girls are spoiled and pampered. I don't think they are LEARNING anything. Compared to the girls in the first and second season, the girls are idiot brats, shallow as the day is long, and I don't see any of them achieving greatness in their lives. They are just little spokesmodels for Tyra Banks and her empire. I see her becoming the next Oprah.

I went on a music spree today, spending money I don't really have. But the fact that I BOUGHT MUSIC is interesting. I seem to be the only one of my friends who just isn't hardcore into the music scene - ANY music scene. But as of late, there have been some tunes that have caught my attention, so I decided to go and support them. Here are the purchases.
  • Veneer - Jose Gonzalez (amazingly mellow guitar)

  • This Bird Has Flown - Various (an indi rock tribute to The Beatles. I LOVE Fiery Furnaces' version of Norwegian Wood)

  • Nature's Assembly Line - Monday Night Recorders with Jack Logan (just love it - LOVE it)

Right now I am enjoying my new music, my new incense, the lighting from a very out of season storm, and my legs draped in cats. I finished my scarf and am thinking of starting a blanket. I took a nap today after watching The Big Lebowski and had a very....Lebowski dream...it was odd and involved a dead doberman buried under my floorboards.

Yes. Odd.