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Tubs is having me work on Friday after thanksgiving, so I'm spending the holidays here in the cities. Now, my coworker Kevin is also working friday and is also staying in the cities, so we are having thanksgiving at my place.

In the twin cities
An orphan
Have no other plans
Would like a good excuse to get away from family
Love me with a passion of a thousand burning suns...

Feel free to come over to my place any time on thursday. We will be making turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, rolls, green bean hotdish, apple pie, and "pumpkin gooey butter cakes" (which either sounds like something from Harry Potter or possibly a horrible name to call your sweet heart).

I have games such as Gloom, Chez Geek, Flux, Settlers of Catan, Tom's Diner, and the game cube as well. If you need a break from family or just need a place that feels like home, come on over for a spell.

If you need more information, leave a message or email me at fangirlie at gmail dot com.
green bean hotdish!

it'll be a h00t! :-D