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And I now have enough leftovers to last me a week. Oof.

My morning started at 9. I woke up, got dressed, and went to the kitchen. I finished up the dishes so I had a clean kitchen. I preped my food, washed the turkey, prepared the stuffing, and CRAMMED IT UP THE TURKEY! I put it in the roaster at about 10:30 and then called Kevin because I needed a pie tin a paper towels. He wasn't supposed to be here until 11, so I figured I'd call, catch him on his way, then take a shower.

WELL - right as I called Kevin, he called me to let me know he was here. I sent him on the mission and hopped in the shower to de-dead bird-ify myself. At 11 he was here and we started the other stuff.

We peeled apples for the apple pie and he made the green bean hotdish. at 1:15 we pulled out the bird and while Kevin carved it (the photo of that is here, by the way. I like to think the steam over the turkey is its soul escaping), I prepared the gravy. Mom had said to use the roasting pan, but it wasn't setting up. So I called her (she was at Uncle Bob's in Chico) and she directed me in the stove top version. Kevin stirred the gravy as I set the table. We then brought everything together and whew - it was a DELICIOUS.

After dinner we went and Saw Rent! over at St. Anthony Main. My review is forthcoming but I can tell you - if you are a fan of Rent you will not be disappointed. If you are not a fan of musicals, it's not going to make you one. If you think that Rent is overhyped, you won't like this movie. But if you like music, if you want a flashback to high school and the early 90s, then go - go and see it.

I now have half an apple pie, a lot of turkey and stuffing, and a good feeling knowing that I can make a thanksgiving dinner :)

I miss my family, but I'm glad to know that I can do this.

You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go - Madeleine Peyroux
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