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Oh man, what an amazing weekend.

As I left work on friday, I called Carolyn to see where she was at on the road. She said she was on 35W, almost to my place. So as I manuvered UpTown traffic, I talked to her. I jumped in the shower and then we got ready for Susie's play.

Now then, if you guys missed seeing "The Birds" I am very ashamed of you all. The Comulent Shakespeare company did an amazing job with this play. I like the naturalness of the actors, the energy they had, and the sense of play and enjoyment that they exuded. It was well put together, enjoyably simplistic in styling, and everybody stayed true to their characters. The chorus was wonderful, and I never had a problem understanding what they were saying.

The next time Cromulent Shakespeare company does a performance, make sure you check it out. You all missed out this time - don't do it again.

Saturday we woke up early and were greeted by snow and cold crisp weather. There were perfect snow flakes everywhere - like the kinds you make out of coffee filters. We drove down to DreamHaven and stood in line for our numbers. Carolyn and I made line buddies with the guy standing behind us. We talked about our favorite writers, what one says to an author at a signing, and how one holds themselves together. For a half an hour we stood in the snow, keeping our minds off of the fact it was 19° outside. But our diligance paid off and our calendar numbers were in the middle of February.

Mine being Valentines Day.

The sound you just heard was a million fan girls squee-ing in unison.

The singing was amazing. Neil first talked about what he was working on (lots of awesome things) and he answered questions (No, he doesn't know the name of the nameless God - in fact, what are you talking about?) and signed out stuff. I asked if I could get a picture of him and me, because I missed out at last year's dinner. "Of course! I remember you! Come here!"


Afterwards, we saw Aeon Flux (a great movie in theory, a poor adaptation of the cartoon), Sarah Silverman: Jesus is Magic (She's fun but sometimes annoying - I liked her better in The Aristocrats *snap*), and Fight Club (it's AMAZING in the movie theater).

Overall, it was an amazing weekend. It was great to have Carolyn here and I wished that she lived closer. We have a lot of great ideas for Lost in a Fandom and we enjoyed being geeky girls, reveling in our fangirlish nature.

And you would be proud to know that we restrained ourselves in the presense of Neil.
grats sounds like you had fun! How was Jesus is Magic?

Odd trivia, Sarah Silverman and my gf's best friend look freakishly alike
I love Sarah Silverman but I didn't care for the movie. Watching stand-up comedy on film just doesn't do it for me. I prefer seeing stand-up live.

So if your gf's best friend single? :)
i am GREEN WITH ENVY of your you-and-neil picture.

but very happy! i'm glad he remembered you--what a thrill! :-D
I wish those damn Cromulents would advertise better. I had no idea they were even doing a show.
We asked City Pages and The Onion to post our show, but they didn't. Apparently Greg asked them a month and a half ago to advertize, so they should have had enough time. -So it was mostly word of mouth.

Do you have a mailing list? If so, please add me:

s p a r ks {at} vis i [dot] co m

Sure, I can see if Cromulent has a mailing list. I've done two shows with them. I know alot of it is word of mouth. So I'll see what I can find out. Thanks for the interest in Cromulent!
I can't make out the cartoon, but that's an awesome picture!!!! REALLY Cool, and artsy man! I love how you can see the soft snow falling, and you're peeking over the calender page. Yes, it's cute!

-Of course, so is the other pic.

Thanks for comming to my play again! You're awesome! Sorry I didn't join you for Fight Club. I would have loved to, but I was exhausted, and I needed to chill, and crash.
Well, the cartoon isn't so much important as is the date. That was my number for the signing. The picture is my cliche "look! I have sexy eyes!" picture that if I was any more trendy I'd make into an LJ icon.

And Carolyn and I had a great time at your play! And no worries on fight club! Maybe the next midnight movie you and the Captain can come out with us.

PS - my VCR did not record SNL! :( So no Dane Cook. I hope you caught it somehow! (I heard it wasn't a very good episode though, even with Cook's monolog and aparaently the best skit ever about a wool sweater with the line "It's like a wookie is raping my back!!"
No, I didn't. I'll post on LJ and see if anyone recorded it. =(
>Fight Club (it's AMAZING in the movie theater).

Seeing "Fight Club" in the theater is SOOOOOO 1999.
You're a FREAK!
Fucking Ridiculous Enormous Asshole Know-it-all?
NO! You're not Ridiculous!!!!!

*Takes tongue our of cheek*

Kiss kiss!
I love how it looks like there's a monkey on your head when you're hugging Neil...