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Reply to this post, and I'll tell you one or a lot of reason[s] why I like/love/adore you/would cause grievous bodily harm to anybody who would do mean things to you. Then put this in your own journal, and spread the love.

Crosses - José González
Will you validate my parking, too?
I love you because our emails kept me going through my last few months at Omni when I was frustrated, bored, and not allowed to touch the 'net.
ooh, ooh! i get to fish for compliments! ooh! do me! :-D
I would kick anybody to the curb for you because you were my first friend in college, and that's a bond that not even a vorpal blade can snickersnack apart.
Deal me in! :P
There is no way I can fully express my total love for you - YOU GAVE ME A CD OF SPIKEY GOODNESS!!!
Boost my self esteem, baby.
I would defend you to the death in a knife fight because:
1) I've known you for TWELVE YEARS
2) We're both idealists (according to the myers-brigg's personality tests - YAY FOR NFs!
3) I respect you for everything you've done and accomplished. Now let's tackle grad school!
me me me!!!
I love you like burning because WEST COAST REPRESENT!!!! And you sent me post cards from Italy. AND you love Garden State as much as I do. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND because you are super cool.
I need validation everyday. by my validation for the day?
Abby, I love you because of all that happened in EC, we had a great time together getting drunk and going to re-elections like rock stars. You let me sleep on your couch when I come to visit, and you're letting me be your date to Weekend. We should splice our DNA together and make babies.
Eh. . .why not me?
I would vivaciously poke someone's eye out for you, Kubryk, beccause I know that if worse came to worse, you'd have my back (and then tease me about getting myself into a situation that required your beat down for years following)
Alright, now I'm curious....and possibly need a pick me up :)
EVERYBODY needs love from Meg :)

Odie, I would - in a heartbeat - jump in a bar room brawl for you because you always had a hug for me, could tell me where to stick it if need be, and I don''t think you've ever done anything mean to me in all the years I've known you.
I need validation!!
I love that you have the dedication to persue art, for it's something I could never do. Someday, when I have the money, I'll comission something super keen from you.
Sure, I'll bite.
I'd jab someone in the kindeys with a spoon for you because you have conviction.
I'll join in, do me!
I adore your energy, your spirit, and the fact that you are great with kids - it's a skill that I simply do not have! You're wonderfully up beat and I always smile when we hang out :) Look, see? Smiling now!
OK, my turn...
Where to begin? I would throw myself on a grenade if one was tossed into our foxhole because
a) dr. who fans stick together
b) someday you WILL be able to send me absinthe
c) I know that when you are able to send me something from England, it will be awesome :)
See, you have like 40 billion Lj fans, and you are going to have to do one of these for every single one? But I think I should get one because... well... I'm Sharkbait...
I love you like burning, Sharkbait, because you ARE burning - an ember of writing talent that loves to play with fire.
alrighty...the third shifter is late for the bandwagon, but better late than never!
I have your back for life because you are my co-hort in fangirly crime, our email conversations from omni were marathons, bruce campbell, neil gaiman, Wash, everything - I could go on! You come and visit me for movie weekends and I come and visit you for fangirly adventures.
Sign me up for some Meg-Love.
I would grapple with a dragon for you because we share the same, crazy love for Bruce Campbell; I love hanging out at parties with you; and I need you alive so we can finally have an anime night!