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Someone is speaking but she doesn't know he's there

It is currently 16° outside, with a windchill of 10. This is leaps and bounds above yesterday, but not by munch.

There's a point when you can't tell the difference between the temperatures and everything simply becomes DAMN COLD.

In San Francisco, it's supposed to be 62° this weekend.

Davis is slated at 55°.

Picture, if you will, shoulder angels and devils. Except that mine are not the typical angel/devil thingies. One one shoulder perches the personification of worry, represented by......hmmm...........a walrus. Yes. It's looks like this:

On the other shoulder bounces the representation of self confidence, played by Gonzo:

I know - I KNOW that I am going to be fine. More than fine. It will be alright. But the walrus weighs be down and makes me rethink things. Just a bit.
Wow...all I can say is wow. You personify the words "OUT THERE", and it rocks!!