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If I could, I would lay down in the middle of Valencia Street and let my body melt into the asphalt, spreading out along the street and down deep into the ground, pass the bones of the fever victims who simple could not stand the heat. Pass the rubble of a world that was shaken down. Down pass the rumblings of BART and down to the soul of this city.

This city is ripe with vibrations and I want to feel them all.

I sat through a narrative class today and I knew I was in the right place when Sarah asked "who would like to share?" and four people raised their hands right away. These are writers - they want to share, they trust their fellow authors and they want feedback. They are passionate.

Later tonight was the critical theory genre bending presentations. Storm, a beautiful transgender presented "Not a Man but Not Yet a Woman: Deconstructing Brittany" in which he ended up dressed in words - for in the end, all we wear are words.

I was near tears by the end of the night - the presentations were so powerful, so honest, so real.

Tomorrow starts the third week of Advent - Gaudete Sunday - and I am rejoicing. God has given me a voice, he has given me talent, he has given me a world in which I am a witness - to tell the stories of this world.

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!

Tomorrow is my interview. Tomorrow I fly back to Minneapolis. Tomorrow I have a 4 hour flight to consider how I am going to proceed.

See me shine.
Proceed with head held high, young one!
I'm glad it's all going so well. Now go kick some ass at your interview.
I know how you feel. It makes me think I should wait on decision making until I feel like that about something.