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Who is going to be in town this December?

If you are going to be home sometime between the dates 17th - 26th, LET ME KNOW!!! I am trying to put together a dinner at my house, maybe Monday or Tuesday night.

Even if the dinner thing doesn't work out - LET ME KNOW IF YOU ARE HOME!!! I'd love to see all of you again.

Mad Love - Meg
I will be vaugely in that area, keep me posted, I might be able to make it up with Caity
I will definitely be in Davisville during the end of that time, but everything is really up in the air right now. I'll be in Palo Alto for Aaron's surgery on the 22nd, and I'm not sure how much longer after that (I may go to Davis and then go back to Palo Alto). I think once I am sure when I can pick up my grad school recs from professors for the schools which make me send them in the envelope with everything else (as;ljga;dlkfhafd;khnad;flnhwsadjgsadkjf;alsjgfskjdsa too many fucking little things to remember for each school's quirks), I will make firmer plans. Luckily, having a car means I don't have to make reservations. =)

But yes...I WILL be home, and I WILL let you know when I am there. =)
Do you think you'd be in Davis for the 19th or 20th?
That is a definite "no." It'll be more like the 23rd or 24th or so. When are you heading home...on the 26th or 27th?
I leave the 26th - so we could definetly hang (I do believe) on the 23rd!