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Stolen from power_puffs_lab and whiptcracker

If you were in my book what character would you be?
If you want to play just comment, and then make sure to do the same on your end and assume that I want to be a character in your novel.

I'll edit/add to this if anyone replies.

1) In an experiment to completely tackle the issue of "reliable narrator," captainhandsome actually fights the narrator for control of the story, almost usurping the entire story and taking it down his own crazy path. In fact, complete chapters went missing and were later found in books written by a certian "Michael Herman." The connection to this character and this author as are yet unknown, however there are starteling similarities. "I could never be in the spotlight," said captainhandsome, above the roar of the show. He had to shout it into my ear. "However, I could run the spotlight, and I wouldn't mind so much being in the background, and really - I think it would be great if I could get a mention in either a dedication, aknowledgment, liner notes, or directors commentary. That way I would be in the spotlight in a very obscure kind of way - in the way that would make a complete stranger say 'Who is this captainhandsome and why is he being thanked? And what's with the joke about pants and monkeys?' For if I am to be a character, and to be in the spotlight, I would have to write it myself because no one would ever, truly, be able to get it right."

2) There came a time when a great tyrant needed to be...displaced. A quiet organization searched the world to find the best assassin for the job. They needed someone with skill, dexterity, charm, secrecy, and a total bad ass at getting the job done. They tapped jazmyn333 for this job. Under the cover of night, she creeped into the complex with all the grace of a banana slug. After tripping the alarm, she raced into the bedroom where she pulled out her sawed off and blew the tyrant away. "Hail to the cheif my ASS!" she cried out as security stormed the room. It turned out that the organization had actually made a clerical error, but no worries - the job was done and for centuries to come, high schools would be named after the valiant acts of jazmyn333

3) In the quiet that was before the dawn of time, a voice was heard. This was the first voice. And it said "Let there be light." And there was, and it was good. And then, another voice was heard. This was the second voice. fluffy109 said "Let there be color in that light. With warmth and coolness. And maybe colors that don't have names yet." And the first voice said "Yes. Yes, let there be that." On the second day a voice called out "Let there be heaven and earth and ocean." And there was, and it was good. Then fluffy109 said "And lets make it a little more intresting. Lets make hills and grass and, oh - haven't you thought of all the little DETAILS? Valleys and rifts and ponds?" And the voice said "Look, do you want to do this?" "No no," said fluffy109 You're doing a wonderful job, don't pay any attention to me, but by the way - have you thought about green grassy stuff? Or perhaps floaty things in the air and water?" "You are trying my patince, I'll let you know" "Oh, oh, I'm sorry! Pay me no mind! But have you thought of creating man and woman?"

4) And the puppets danced. The children, a mass of smiling laughing faces, watched the show and ate it up with out sugar or artificial flavorings. They watched with out commercials or product placement. Eyes wide, they watched the show play out in front of them on the cardboard stage. Wooden marrionettes were real flesh and bone, strings dissapeared and the puppets danced. The children roared with laughter and cried tears of joy. And behind the corodroy curtain and the paste board trees, power_puffs_lab pulled the strings. And the puppets danced.
C'mon. I'd be the omniscient narrator. It's the only way you could accurately capture my condescending know-it-all quality.

I would be the quirky chick who is a little klutzy, and can be oblivious at times.
Hey! My novel! I get to write it :)
use your imagination with me, o great meg! :-D
and you have been written!
::hearts!!!:: you're so cool! :-D thaaaaank you
Don't forget mememe!

I'll get yours up in another post later today when I do my second round of characters.
And your characterization is complete!
I LOVE IT! This is great! Thanks os much!
Yours will be up tomorrow.
And look to your mailbox!
You totally should list Lush under your interests on the info page. =)