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Why is it every time I come back home it rains? Not that I'm REALLY complaining, mind you, because 55° is a hell of a lot better than -1°. But it's almost recockulous - I hope that we get SOME sun while I'm here.

I rolled into town at around 7pm, and waited for ever to get my luggage. On the drive home, we stopped and got Jack in the Box - you may mock me for enjoying fast food, but Jack in the Box is different. Shut up! SHUT UP!

After a week of being lost, I managed to get a hold of Graham who, during his time Los Angeles, has managed to stumble into a time displacement zone and now looks like he's from the 70s. I have to say though, the look is good for him. The last time I saw him he had grown his chops out and looked like he was trying to be an english baron. Graham has issues with time displacement. But I picked him up at his place and we skirted over to the duplex where I have an automatic in, not only because I know Graham, but because I know Eric Brodberg's sister. Sarah - it is the craziest thing in the world. They stop me and say "You know brodberg's sister! That's CRAZY! Come in and have a drink!" It's like a secret handshake.

We also watched Four Brothers, or I tried to watch it but fell asleep because I was still on Minnesota time. Also - that is one of the "so bad it's funny" type movie. I mean it - it's just craaaazy bad. Like a comedy of errors.

Today I went to church at the Newman Center and would love to start going to the one in Minneapolis if it was as welcoming as the one here. Afterwards I met up with Ben, who is technically a friend of a friend, but I've been chatting with him since last February. It was nice to finally meet him in person. We went and saw Narnia, which I liked A LOT. I don't understand why everybody got their panties in a big huge knot over the OMG CHRISTIAN REFERENCES!!!!!!!!!!oneeleven. Seriously. Sure, the christian overtones are there, and they become even more apperant in later books, but really - it's so easy to over look them in the first movie.

Ben had to skirt out quick though, he was driving back home to Palo Alto for the break, so for the rest of the day I have been lounging and getting to know the cats here at the house. I think Graham and I are going to formulate a plan of action for tonight. Tomorrow I have an appointment with the orthopedist and the optomotrist.

It's good to be home, even if it is raining hard core.
Dude, I am so boggled why knowing *me* gets you an in at their house - I don't think half of them have ever *met* me. I've certainly never been over there (the prospect is frankly terrifying.)
The Duplex isn't TOO bad - but it's very aparent that boys live there. But it's cool though - you are like some amazing mythic figure to them.

And they worship you like unto a GOD!

Or maybe not...
Ooh, what did you have at Jack in the Box? I would never mock you for having that when you went home. Heck, Matt and I ate Monster tacos and curly fries on the beach in Hawaii. :)

I don't know if there was Jack in the Box nearby I'd go all that often, but because I can't have it regularly I'm like, mmmm, Jack in the Box.
I had an oreo shake and an ultimate cheeseburger. It was sinfully delicious and I just from smelling it my arteries hardened. But it was totally worth the potential heart attack!

I would not eat JitB often if it were in the cities, but I don't eat it often even when I'm home - but it is just that delicious...

And the commercials are hysterical...
I didn't have a prob with the Christian stuff, I just thought that since LionJesus came back to life and the tincture brought all the other good guys back, that there just wasn't any peril. Heck, (note that I did not say "Hell") the fact that all of that was an allegory to Christian faith, actually made it easier to stomach.
Where I find most of the "OMG JEEBUS!" angst is in the angry smart girl internet circles. What's funny, though, is that in the same circles run the people who are upset that they are taking OUT the religious references in the movie adaptation of the Phill Pullman series, which probably have MORE christian mythology than Narnia.
well, see, the Phillip Pullman series introduces doubt and uncertainty to christian faithfullness, which is a very bad thing indeed (except when it actually ends up making your faith stronger, but still, it's sketchy). While Narnia strengthens and retells the original story, which is a very good thing.

Hey, it's a circle of hypocrits!

Hooray! Everybody's stupid!!
::shrugs:: i'm an angry smart girl, and i totally dig the chronicles of narnia. so, okay, it's a christian message--but why not? who cares? so's harry potter, if you really think about it. lots of decent, classic literature includes a "christ figure" that is wronged by evil, or what have you.

y'know, and chaos ensues.

good times. :-D
See, I don't care if it's christian or not, as long as a book has a decent message (which, one could debate "The Last Battle" does not, but that's a different story) who cares which philosphy it borrows from? Yet there are so many people who feel that it's trying to suck people into christianity (which really gives people too little credit. It's not like someone's going to convert after watching this movie. "Holy fuck! Aslan is Jesus? I HAVE SEEN THE ERRORS OF MY WAY AND WILL NOW CONVERT! PRAAAAAAAAAAAISE THE LORD!". ) I think it's just telling people to believe in fantasy and don't let evil (in whatever way it comes) triumph. Which is the same message in Harry Potter.

But people need a reason to stand on their boxes and scream, I guess.
I always thought the Narnia books were more Zoroastrian than Christian. I mean, sure, Aslan died and came back to life...but that's hardly unique to Christian mythology.

Then, too, Aslan as a lion is far more Mithraic than Christian; an animal representation of Jesus would have been something more akin to a donkey: hard working, tireless, patient, and will not bow down no matter what abuse you heap on it. Aslan was more like Ahurah Mazda, with Tash as Ahriman, than like Jesus and Satan.

But maybe that's just me.
See - lots of ways to interperate it (but it is Christian, not just because he came back to life, but for the reasons why he was killed in the first place. And the lion was also picked to represant Britian. In fact - the whole Narnia series is really Lewis' own journy into his acceptance of Christianity and the reflection of what was going on in Britain during the time he wrot e the series. He gets a wee bit preachy at the end of The last Battle).
Yeah, I know.

Just saying that there's a lot of ways to interpret it.

My favorite book is still The Magician's Nephew.