As part of my christmas present, parents are paying for my eye check up and new glasses (woo! new glasses!). This was my first visit to the eye doctor in probably six years. It was fun because the guy's daughter was in Madrigals with Tom so he knew my family and everything.

He put the happy fun drops in my eyes that numbed them and made them dilate (they are STILL dilated and it's been making looking at things really really hard). The moment my eyes started to get tingly, this first thing I thought of was:

"Oh cool - now lemur could poke my eyes and it wouldn't hurt!"

The second thing I thought was:

"I should tell the doctor about the game, I'm sure he'd get a kick out of it!"

But I didn't tell him, mainly because any time I explain the drinking game to people, this is the conversation.

me: I'll poke you in the eye and then you have to drink.
them: Why are you poking me in the eye?
me: I told you - so you'd take a drink. If you block it, I have to take a drink.
them: That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Nobody plays this game.
me: *poke* DRINK!

I don't think the doctor would appreciate it.

They also gave me these weird mock sunglasses to protect my eyes. The color, though, made it look like we were due for a tornado. The learned response I have to a yellow sky is quite amazing, really.

Dinner is still on for Tuesday. I called Chris - the last time I spoke with him was probably five years ago. He's coming to the dinner too. Flint and Megan might be there. Bryan for sure, along with Steph and her daughter, the two Sara(h)s, Erik, and Graham. It's going to be crazy.