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Bush, you motherfucker, READ A BOOK:

"Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both." - Benjamin Franklin

I will fight this, some how, in some way. Because I would rather have my freedoms and die a free woman then lose my freedoms and die as a prisoner to my country.

Fuck you Bush. Fuck you.
I've seen a similar quote attributed to Jefferson.

You know, when I heard this, I swore I already knew it. Because I wasn't surprised. Ugh.
Hey look, Hyperbole.
I suppose I just don't understand what you mean, and I admit that my post is pretty wanky.

But I don't like listening to him talk about how incredibly legal it is to tap our private conversations. It bothers me that he does it with such ease. I don't think we're in a lot of danger ANYWAYS - and if we are in danger, I would rather keep my phone conversations private.
Your phone conversations aren't encrypted, you really shouldn't think you have that privacy anyhow :)

That said, this does bother me a bit, but Congress has said it was told about these events and haven't *done* anything about them.
I agree wholeheartedly. If this is America's new definition of freedom, I'm going back to the motehrland....whether that be Ireland or Scotland, I dunno.

Either way, color me pissed off. Orwell warned us about this, but knowing Bush, if someone mentioned Orwell, he'd reply, "Or we'll what?"

"or we'll what." wow, that's funny as hell, but it's reeeeally sad.

i'm *always* pissed off at bush, but even more so at his blind followers . . .
I think Bush would argue that he's vastly different from Orwell.

He'd also be right.
Yes. Orwell had the ability to read complex sentences.
Hey look, ad hominem attacks without any backing evidence.

You lose. Tom 1, Meg's Readers 0.
And you're keeping score....that's just sad :-P Besides, history isnults all, and so do I.
Bush wouldn't argue that. He'd just say "Who?"
More ad hominems!

Tom 2, Meg's Readers 0.
No, conclusion based on past observations. Bush has himself said that he doesn't read.
I still find your initial statement doubtful at best, predicated on your personal dislike for the man, at worst.

I don't like him either, but I'm pretty sure he knows who George Orwell is.

Gotta get your ideas from somewhere...