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Or, at least, it will be if they keep doing skits like these:

Chronic of Narnia

This has awesometown written all over it.

(snarked from strand
Dude! That's Bleepin' hilarius!!!!
Nothin' but love for the awesometown boys
You can call us Aaron Burr
by the way we're dropping Hamiltons.
That is the best line, I swear....
Thank you for posting this. I heard about it a couple days ago, but forgot to look for it.

Are any of the other awesometown guys on the show? I keep meaning to watch the writer's list and see if I can recognize a name.

The two other guys are writers - Andy is the only one who's acting.
"google maps is the best!"
"true dat!"

::giggle!:: :-D
The Chronic - WHAT? - cles of Narnia!!

For some reason it reminds me of the Delta ad done in ebonics by a white man.

"We got you covered like a jimmy cap"
"we gitcha to yo' ho and back, lickety split, no sh**!"
you fly? We already been up in there!
I totally found that two days ago and put it in my away message!
Yeah - but who looks at AWAY MESSAGES? Jeepers.
EVERYONE looks at away messages. YOU KNOW IT.
Oh my god, I love it! Mr. Pibb+Red Vines=Crazy Delicious. Hee. I have to start watching SNL now.
If they keep doing skits like that one, I think they'll pull themselves out of their slump!