When I dream, it's like a movie, usually - and I'm either watching it play out, or I'm an active part in it, but I'm not me - I'm an actual character in the movie/dream.

So the dream starts out and I am walking through the Scientologist's compound. They own like a small city. I am actually a spy, but my cover is that of just some girl who got lost. It's night and I'm in the middle of town. I am trying to be non-challant, just walk through the community, see what I can see, and if anybody asks, I got lost and I'm just trying to get back home. I'm horrible with directions and could someone please help me find my way back?

The village itself is odd, laid out like a camp town - lots of pine trees, paths in the woods, the houses and buildings look like portables. When I first walked in, I passed huge warehouses and as I got further into the complex, it became more...cultish. People would look at me occasionally and I wondered how long it would be until I was found out.

Sure enough, these guys who look like they belong to a swat team come up to me and I give them my story, but I'm a little scared. These guys look like I am a BIG security risk. But one of them agrees to take me to the outskirts of town and let me go. This is where it gets a little weird: instead of walking me, the guy wraps his arms around my middle and using his special "scientology powers" we go straight up into the air then cut across through the trees - like he was jumping, but could change the direction of the jump into a straight line (which was really interesting to feel in the dream). In a couple of jumps we were back to the big warehouses. He set me down and pointed out the way. Just then - three strange people, dressed all in black - sort of swat team-esque, who I think I was working for, dropped down on the warehouse roof. The guy who was with me turned to me and pulled out a giant iron key. He then made this weird sign of the cross type thing and PLUNGED THE KEY INTO MY SKULL.

Fade to black.

Now I am one of the scientologists (and a different character). This is a big city with a very good elevated train system. Looked kind of like Gotham from the last batman movie. I meet up with some of my cronies and like a pack of lemurs, we jump and flip onto the backs of the trains, clinging on and flipping about. This feels like a lot of fun, by the way. Gravity be damned! We're scientologists! In one of the elevated stations, we all meet. There are a lot of us. We change into color coordinated sweat suits. My group wore blue - others were yellow, orange, and red. In front of us were gas masks. Our leader told us all to put on the masks and some of the others went to a large tank. Outside the station were people walking. We called to them, en masse, and then we did something. At first everybody stopped to look, laugh, and point. But then the cloud of gas came and killed everybody so quick they were almost frozen - stuck in their merriment of mocking us.

Afterwards, we split up and my group went to find trucks that held ravens. We killed the driver and tipped over the trucks, and the last image of my dream was that of a cloud of black birds flying into the sky.

What I remember the most is the feeling of breathing through the gas mask and being scared that I was going to die - the gas would leak in and I was going to end up like the unprotected people - dead and frozen. Breathing was hard and laboured, I could feel my lungs working hard. I also remember the fear of the iron key and the panic that I was going to die .

I love dreams like that.