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Yesterday sucked.

I called Mike at work yesterday morning to fix my insurance and he said to come over that night and give him a check. I was all happy and yet, at the end of the day, promptly forgot until I was halfway making my dinner.

So I called Mike and it turned out that they were going to surprise me by taking me to the andy worhal exhibit - the one I really wanted to see.

Cue Meg feeling horrible, take one.

We agreed that I would still come over, so I went back to finishing my dinner. I took the skillet out of the oven with a hot pad, set it on the stove, transfered the meat to the cutting table, then - because I am brilliant (as mentioned in the title) I grabbed the handle of the skillet...with no hot pad...the one that's been in the oven for 20 minutes at 400°.

Cut Meg feeling horrible, take two - this time, with more feeling (read: screaming).

Now, I have never really burned my self before, but I knew I had to run cold water on it. The burn was pretty much on my whole left hand but I had no idea what to do AFTER I put it in cold water. So I filled a bowl, put my hand in it, and called my parents who are in Arizona at this moment. Why? Because who ELSE do you call when your hand is a mass of fiery pain and blisters?

Mom walked me through what I needed to do and Dad looked up first aid treatment. I then walked to the corner store (thank god it was cold outside) and got gauze for my hand. Let me tell you - the pain was CRAZY. ouch man.

I wasn't about to put any undue pressure on my hand, so I called Mike to ask if he could come over and pick up the check, but he said just to call him at work tomorrow and then I can come over another day, a day in which my hand is not oozing blister juice.

My hand feels A TON better today, but is still stiff and tender. I have a blister on the pad of my ring finger and a blister running down my thumb and across the pad of my wrist, and I think I have some along the outside of my pointer finger and maybe on my middle finger - but seeing how I can type this, it's not too horrible.

Going to work now - at least I was able to make eggs for breakfast.
That was not a good day.

You'll still get to see Andy Worhal eventually. Well his art, not him.
OW MAN! If it was me, I would have eaten cereal this morning and said Phuc it!
Also, what are you doing next Thursday? Wanna go see the exibit then?
Next thursday works fine for me! We'll hash out the details when we get closer to it :)
Thursdays are free at the Walker!
Ouch! No good.

Totally done that before and yeah, ow. If it blisters, you may wish to see a doctor for treatment.
Oh, there are blisters. But not horribly painful blisters. Just uncomfortable blisters.
you need an aloe plant. it's probably not what you need for blistering burns such as you have, but for the smaller burns, you just break off a leaf and squeeze the aloe juice onto the burn. it soothes it instantly.