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Tell me something I should photograph. Anything. Go crazy. Be creative. Challenge me.

Limits: no nudity.

I'll collect these and post the results on Sunday night, giving me the weekend to go camera happy.

PS - I can't hear this song with out thinking about driving to Gopher state one call the first winter I moved here. The morning DJs loved this song something fierce.
a lonely gopher.

a dragon

stuffed animals acting like people
this could be fun in photoshop:
a pumpkin turning into your car

a stranger

your favorite street
A big ensemble picture of your all your Cthulhu-Mythos-related stuff

A pic of your ten favourite bits of Geek Stuff
Your 5 favorite restaraunts
and if you are really good the photo will capture what you love about it :) MMMM tasty!
What camera do you own?
A Canon PowerShot S110 Digital Elph that I got for Christmas of 2001. So not the best in the world, but it's doable. Probably no really keen art shots from me...
a squirrel, a bra-clad boobie, someone with a mullet and a fashion "Don't" other than the aforementioned mullet.
I'm going to up the stakes... an albino squirrel.
I see two albino squirrels every day.
Don't tell her where to look then!
Pic of the first girl you see and say "That girl could be perfect for Sharkbait."
Someone completely lost in thought.

Beauty in a sea of concrete.

A suit in tennis shoes (although that might be difficult over the weekend).