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This was A LOT of fun

A Lonely Gopher
A Dragon
stuffed animals acting like people
a pumpkin turning into my car
a stranger
my favorite street
ensemble of cthulhu stuff
10 favourite bits of geekery
5 favorite restaraunts (well, almost - one of my favorites closed)
A squirrel (albino)
bra clad boobie
fashion don't (although I saw a guy riding a bike wearing zubaz, but I was driving)
Dark matter (I hate you)
Girl for Sharkbait
House for Laura
Someone lost in thought
Beauty in a sea of concrete
A suit in tennies

The photos that I have managed to take so far are located right here. I will try to get more this week. If I haven't gotten yours yet, DON'T WORRY! I will get it done eventually. If not this week, the un found photos will be rolled over to next week's photo hunt.

Stay tuned! Every thursday night I will ask for suggestions!
(Deleted comment)
heheheh you are welcome! It's not too hard to find so yay! NEXT TIME VISIT ME YOU FOOL! :-P
That's so cool :)

I confess, I don't have very much Mythos-related stuff either (most of it is swag I won at a roleplaying convention last year)
my favorite bit are the slippers, but the Study in Emerald print is awesome - I'm going to get it framed
Slippers! Those rock.

You should play Arkham Horror with us sometime... mmm, gaming geekiness.
I'll play :) Then we can play Chez Geek too :) And Flux! And and and

we need a game night...

This is awesome!

I often take my camera with me with the intention of taking pictures and being cool...and hopefully developing my photography skills but always get lost and end up not taking pictures.

Meg can I steal this idea from you???!??! I so want to go on a photohunt!
by all means, go for it. I bet your photos will be better than mine, but I'm working on that :)