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Photo Hunt, Week 1

This was A LOT of fun

A Lonely Gopher
A Dragon
stuffed animals acting like people
a pumpkin turning into my car
a stranger
my favorite street
ensemble of cthulhu stuff
10 favourite bits of geekery
5 favorite restaraunts (well, almost - one of my favorites closed)
A squirrel (albino)
bra clad boobie
fashion don't (although I saw a guy riding a bike wearing zubaz, but I was driving)
Dark matter (I hate you)
Girl for Sharkbait
House for Laura
Someone lost in thought
Beauty in a sea of concrete
A suit in tennies

The photos that I have managed to take so far are located right here. I will try to get more this week. If I haven't gotten yours yet, DON'T WORRY! I will get it done eventually. If not this week, the un found photos will be rolled over to next week's photo hunt.

Stay tuned! Every thursday night I will ask for suggestions!
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