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Fuck you lost. That episode sucked.

I call do-over, and this time no Emo Captain Hero Jack, No dumb grrlpwr Kate, no love sick sawyer aka james aka jimmy aka jimbean, oh hell - just scrap the whole thing and start over again.


(yes, you've got me hooked on lost)
Hooray! Share my pain and anguish!! :)
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The quote is actually from my favorite Web Comic, Something Positive, which I highly recommend :)
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it is addictive like crack, but also has many quotabable lines.

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The first season was awesome.

The second season, except for the last episode in December, has sucked big hairy goat balls.

I demand a recount. Or something.
I didn't hate the episode, but I did find it rather meh. Except for the scene with Hurley & Charlie going through the records in the hatch. That was pretty awesome. I mean, just imagine all the crazy 70's music down there! Also, Sayid's line about the depressing music made me laugh. And Sun and Jin were cute, as always. I so expected her to follow up "I spent four years being told what to do" with "so now it's your turn, bitch." (Thus endeth my 'focus on the positive' review.)
Fun note: Geronimo Jackson. If you google it, you get Geronimi/Jackson, a team of directors responsible for many golden age animated disney movies!
Ooh, those crafty ABC bastards with their subliminal Disney advertising...