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Whokay, so the photo hunt continues! Please tell me what to photograph and I will do my best to find them. The photos from last week are here. The photos I still need to take are below.

A Lonely Gopher
A Dragon
a pumpkin turning into my car
A squirrel (albino)
fashion don't
Dark matter
Girl for Sharkbait
Someone lost in thought
Beauty in a sea of concrete
A suit in tennies

Whew! I gotta get my act in gear and take more pictures!!
So please, PLEASE! Tell me what I need to show you? What do you want to see?
i wanna see . . .

all the music in the world!

there! that's my photo request. :-D
How about a nice formal portrait of the MasterHarper?
a hot jewish boy
Too easy... His name is alexlucard, and there's plenty of pics around... ;)
All the hot jewish boys I know live far away from me.

But maybe I can get Alex to pose...he'll have to do...I suppose...

A perfect snowflake. On a sunny day.
The northern lights.

(That should keep you busy)