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And we have photo updates in the gallery here!

A Lonely Gopher
A Dragon
a pumpkin turning into my car
A squirrel (albino)
fashion don't
Dark matter
Girl for Sharkbait
Someone lost in thought
Beauty in a sea of concrete
A suit in tennies
all the music in the world (hate you, Katie)
a nice formal portrait of the MasterHarper (I think I know where to find one)
a hot jewish boy (on its way - Alex has agreed to pose in vinyl for me)
A perfect snowflake. On a sunny day. (I could do this...if we had snow...)
The northern lights. (Time to start paying attention to the weather sites)

Plus - I found my fifth favorite resturant in the cities.

So I still have a ways to go. If the weather is nice this week I think I'm just going to take the bus into work. It's not pitch black by the time I'm done, so the walk down Washington Ave doesn't see as scary. However, if it's too cold, screw it.

Thanks for all your suggestions this week (and poo on those who want to be difficult. You SUCK! I LOVE YOU!)
Girl for Sharkbait

I imagine you could go to a sex shop and find a nice blowup doll for the kid :-p
Meg, you are awesome. "Beauty in a sea of concrete" was way too good for words -- I wonder if that's what the artist had in mind creating a mural literally describing such a common metaphor. I was laughing hysterically. =)
The pumkin thing I can see going both ways. Either, get a pumpkin, and put it on noticeable wheels, and aim them towards you car, or you coud either purchase a pumpkin, and dress is partially like your car, or draw one.
And by the way, I saw a guy with a mullet shooting for the $1,000.00 proze at the T-wolves game! Too bad you weren't there, you could have knocked another off of your list!
But you did find a Dragon? THAT I wanna see!

i wub you too, meg sweetie!!! :-D :-*