Megmander (fantom07) wrote,

"the just makes more for doubt to slaughter"

There are only two reasons why the world is still intact at this moment:

1. Standing meditation and tai chi
2. Mass pikmin genocide

Our phones were STILL wonky today and at 2 when Rachael asked who wanted to go home, my hand shot straight up in the air as I was trying to make my contractor calls (I did not sign up to be a telemarketer when I agreed to this job).

On my drive home I outlined the post I was going to make, about how no one is too good to be lied to, no one is too good not to succumb to the suckiness that is human nature, and that no one is too good to be human. It was a post about how people say they want to hear the truth, but what they REALLY want to hear is some fairy tale ending that they have been reciting to themselves since they were little.

People don't want to hear the truth, they want to hear what they want to hear. And usually it's not the truth.

It was a great post, but in the end it was snarky, mean, and ill spirited. When I got home, I lit some incense and put on my Tai Chi dvd I got from the studio to help me during the week. The guided standing mediation was wonderful and I ended up not hating the world quite so much.

Then I played Pikmin and took out all my anger and frustration at the world and my job and the people I know and the situations people are in. Cry, my beloved Pikmin - lo, the waters did run red with your blood (okay, I made the last part up).

To sum up: I love meditation. I love pikmin. No body deserves the shitty things that happen to them, and likewise, no one really deserves the lucky breaks that we get. In the end, you take what you can, make the best of it, and know that the only person who is going to give you a cookie is yourself.

Go watch "I heart Huckabess" while stoned. It all makes a lot more sense.
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