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*mortal combat theme plays*

Okay - so it's thursday night and I am looking forward to the weekend! If all goes well, I'll be going to see Les Mis sometime soon, but to keep me busy, PLEASE TELL ME WHAT TO PHOTOGRAPH!!! The archives are here, including the new addition of the Hot Jewish Boy for vver.

Here's what I'm still searching for:
  • A Lonely Gopher
  • a pumpkin turning into my car (the car I have, it's hard to find a pumpkin though!)
  • A squirrel (albino)
  • mullet
  • fashion don't
  • Dark matter
  • Girl for Sharkbait
  • A suit in tennies
  • all the music in the world
  • a nice formal portrait of the MasterHarper
  • A perfect snowflake. On a sunny day.
  • The northern lights.

The Search Continues! But I need your help!!
Oh come on hon, I'm not even hard to please. I tend to like girls who are pushy, demanding, and bitchy. All I really ask in return is a tndency towards perversion, a little intelligence, and a nice butt...