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1) Adam called me on Tuesday night and asked if I would like to be a groomsmaid. I was honored to be asked, and said yes right away (but only after stumbling over my words - I mean, that's really awesome to be asked to stand with someone for their wedding!). The wedding will be in September and I am totally excited. Thank you, Adam and Kaela!

2) Work is sending me to Cleveland for a week to do a home and garden trade show for them! I will be gone from the 5th of Feb until the 12th. Mike and Susie agreed to watch my cats for me too. On Friday, Rachael came up and asked me what I was doing that week, I said "nothing," and she asked if I would go to Cleveland for her. I'm excited and a little nervous, but I think I'll be just fine.

So yeah - exciting things are happening, AAAAAAAAAAAAND I might be able to get a day or two off for my own brother's wedding this summer. Sara said they make special exceptions (so this means they like meeeeeeeeeee!)
Yay! We're excited too. We need lots of awesome fun people around us on Our Special Day (tm theknot.com).
I've been telling everybody 'cause I think it's totally cool. They are all "groomsmaid? What?" and then I tell them and they are all "cooooooooooooool!" And then I tell them about your theme and they are even more "cooooooooooooooooooooool!!"