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1) Photo hunt updates are here

2) A while ago, the linen scientists (for, you know, there are such things) decided to mess with bamboo. They found that they could use the pulp of said plant, mixed with a cotton weave for added durrability to make the most amazing sheets in the world. They marketed these to Target, which Tif stumbled across and then, with her mad skillz, convinced me to run - NOT WALK - to my nearest target. And soon the world - YES THE WORLD! - will know the amazing gift from god that is bamboo sheets.

And all the pandas went "duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh!"

And then went back to not screwing.

3) The snow came down like tiny snow balls aimed by God as I walked out of the Target on Sunday night. They even made the little "ppppft" sound when they hit me and my truck. As I got into the drivers seat, I was stricken by the feeling of "my cell phone is not on me." I don't know how exactly I knew this, it jsut was there. I checked my purse, no phone. I checked my pocket, no phone. I went back inside and asked the check out clerk, no phone. I tried to remember if I HAD my phone on me, but had no idea. I im'ed my brother and asked him to call my phone, to see if it was somewhere in the house - it wasn't. He called again and I walked outside and checked my truck and sure enough, it was wedged inbetween the seat and the console.

I need a landline.

4) luuuuush luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuush lushity LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSH lush! Lushity LUUUUUUUUUUUUUS lush LUSHITY LUSH!!! And Lush sent me wonderful gifty gifts. I just had my bath with dreamtime bath melt and my skin feels OMG SO SECKSY.

5) This weekend was fun. Saturday I went over to the Bloomington Bungalow for Max's birthday. Got to see a lot of people I only see when they throw big parties. Mark, Daniel, Annie and I talked about the stratagy of the Wingman/Cockblock and the unfairness of names. It was a good time and I drove home at 1am IN THE RAIN. IN JANUARY!!!

On Sunay I didn't get to go see Les Mis (saaaaad) but Zack came over and we made braciole. It was AMAZING. Quite possibly one of the tastiest food in the world. We then played Fluxx and Chez Geek. Every time my college science research test subject would try to get some nookie, he would tottally block me. SUCKS! It was a great time.

6) 6 days until Cleveland! If you want to know what I'll be doing, go here! Can you find where I'll be sitting for 13 hours a day?
Are those bamboo sheets still available at Target? I'd like to try some, and maybe buy a bunch for use as cloth.

Feel free to take more bra-clad boobie shots on your photo hunts.
There were still sheets there on Sunday night, so I'm guessing you can get them. Also - they sell them on their website here
yay! all the music in the WORLD!

you rock. :-D
I do my best ;)
Ohh yeah, Steph and I saw those sheets a few weeks ago and I wanted them so bad. But i couldn't justify the $50 or whatever, so I bought jersey knit sheets on clearance instead.
they are so, completely, totally, utterly worth it.

I'll get them for your wedding gift ;)
Oh, I want these so bad too! Glad to hear they're worth it. I might just have to buy some for when we move.
They are expensive but so wonderful. I wonder how they will do ini the summer - right now they are ever so warm, but I think that's due to my down comforter and flannel duvet cover.

Lush, Sheets and Bath towels are my girly addictions!
Cool pics chick!!!!!
(Deleted comment)
I am crazy addicted to lush products. My friend Kaela got me hooked back in the fall of '04 and nothing but Big Shampoo has touched my hair.

I LIVE for their bath bombs, holy god do I ever!