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Happy Birthday Mike!

Two and a half years ago I came to Minneapolis from Green Bay, hardly knowing anybody. I knew that Adam and Mike lived in Minneapolis, but they were more along the lines of "friends of friends," people that I hung out with occasionally when our circle of friends over lapped.

Jess told me to email Mike and at least let him know that I had moved to his city. I wish I had saved that conversation because it went something like this.

meg: Hi Mike, this is Meg from SNC. I just moved to Minneapolis and figured I'd say hi.

Mike: Meg, you tell me you moved here, but you don't give me your address or phone number. Tsk tsk. Give us a call and come over.

I called Mike and he told me to bring over chipotle and he'd show me the city. The first thing he did was draw out a grid of the city. After lounging about their mad bachelor pad, we hopped into my car and drove around the city. He had me locate the Rainbow Foods. He showed me how the grid worked. As a result - I have yet to be seriously lost in Minneapols. Serverely turned around? Yes. Lost? No.

Mike has been a great friend to me since moving here. Ready with good advice for a girl in the city, an insurance plan when I needed one, a ride to/from the airport, putting up storm windows, taking down window fixtures, helping me move, watching my cats, going to a ball game.

So go over and wish captainhandsome a very happy birthday.

Mad Love, Mike. I'll miss you when you move.
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