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Hop into a time machine to two years ago.

Go to Paul Kidby's old website, the one with the black background with all the stars.

Find the badge collection.

Copy the picture of Greebo.

Reformat it to 100x100 pixels.

Upload it to your livejournal.

It's okay - I'll wait....




Okay - now use that icon sporatically for two years. Then, after posting in an open community, get accused of stealing said icon.

Because, you know, copying and pasting is something only one person can do, something that is OBVIOUSLY TRADEMARKED by that person, and no one has ever, ever thought about doing it besides that person.

OMG I AM SUCH A THEIF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jesus people, get a life and don't go running around accusing people of stealing your shit when you did nothing to make it original yourself. IN fact, we are BOTH stealing someone else's stuff.

Maybe you've just had a rough day and really aren't this over reactive. But please, try to keep your wank in your own yard, okay? I don't like it shitting on my lawn.
i 'steal' all the time. infact, this icon right here ... is from a copy and paste of a particular get fuzzy comic that was on the website i loved, and then i just clipped my satchel out.
this one is from explodingdog.com
this one i made using many pictures of brutus buckeye.

I can tell you put so much time and effort into making that icon unique and original. Will you call me a theif too if I copy and paste the same thing?
i would love it - i want satchel everywhere!
(Deleted comment)
note_to_cat and really, no flames are needed. I think this snarky post is enough :)
and once again - deep love for your serenity icons.

*sniff* Wash....WHY JOSS, WHY?!?!?!?!
(Deleted comment)
I went to a sneak peek of Serenity and there was a kid in a Jayne hat :)

I love me some Jayne. Ooooooooooooh yeeeeeeeeeeeah........
I'm making a Jayne hat! It's actually the third one 'cause I kinda messed up the first two times.
(Deleted comment)
No - it's not cool to be mean. I was snarky in my post and she's allowed to be snarky in hers :)

Besides! It's more fun to know we're better behaived than a 30 something :)
I publicly apologised - what more can I say?
and it was accepted - but the post still stands because people take icon theft waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too seriously. Especially when the icon in question took approx. 3 minutes to make and the key strokes of ctl c, ctl v.
Your "public" apology is hidden in a comment on your journal (you know, the post where you flame Miss fantom07), instead of being edited into your post... which leads me to think you aren't being all that sincere.

Plus, if you would have taken three seconds to actually *investigate* the situation - you'd notice that Miss fantom07 has a number of Kidby icons that you don't have. It's not exactly a giant leap from there to determine that "Hey, maybe she just likes the things I do and I should jump down her throat and accuse her of something as trivial as LJ icon theft."
Edit that to "shouldn't jump down"
I apologised directly to Fantom.

She has accepted my apology.

Let it go.
hehe, sounds like you should "steal" my "personal" icon for situations just like this one. Because they really need an illustration of how they do, indeed, suck ass.
"We are all individuals!"

"I'm not."