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Okay guys, I'm putting my regular photo hunt on hold for a very special CLEVELAND ROCKS PHOTO HUNT!!!

From the 5th to the 12th, I will be in Cleveland at America's Largest Home and Garden show. I won't be able to get to see the city as much as I would like to, working 11 hour days, but come on! Give me something to look for!

I will be able to walk the show (Joe said it took him two hours) and there is A LOT to see. But what Should I keep my eye out for?

Challenge me!
A venus fly trap on a leash!
an orchid display

and ...

an irigation system.

Cane and Able.

Credit where credit is due.

Proof of the Hellmouth.

Or possibly an airplane in traffic.

One of the two.
Someone who is androgenous.
Japanese Tourists