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Bad poets are natural survivors

As promised, the people I have seen/met.

The 1980 trophy wife: Joe and I saw her at the same time as she approached our booth. She wore faded leopard print stirrup pants that went up mid torso. Her top was a black lacy affair covered by a big, bulky, black leather jacket. Her hair was a teased nest of bleached bleached bleached blonde and her eyes were hidden by a mass of blue eyeshadow. The skin of her face was tanned and stretched like the boots they were selling down the aisle. She went to the next booth over and Joe and I looked at each other, sharing the "hoooooly gaaaaaaaaawd" look that we reserved only for the most heinous of realtors last month. I tried to take her picture, but i think I failed.

The fifty year old baby girl: She wore pink. Nothing but pink. Pink nylon pants with a matching jacket and a lighter pink top. Her glasses were square and studded with little pink rhinestones that matched the clip in her long greying hair. She came up to me, and in the tinyest voice, asked me what the restirctions were for putting dumpsters on driveways. I told her it varies from city to city. She told me how her nieghbors had dumpsters and put them on her side of the shared driveway, and that it wasn't fair. I told her that if it was us, we would make sure to have moved them. She told me she called the company and they were rude to her. I assured her that we wouldn't have been, and she told me she's writing letters to her congressman to make it a legistation that people can't put dumpsters on driveways.

Today was a BUMPER CROP of people. It was amazing.
1) My first visitor of the day, was a little old man who spoke in the wonderful cadence as only a first generation jewish man can. He told me a joke:
A young kid went to temple, and saw the names of people on the walls. He was confused, he didn't know who these people were. So he asked the rabbi. The rabbi said that these were the names of young men who had died in service.
"In service?!?!" asked the kid.
"Yes," said the rabbi.
"Which one?" asked the kid. "Passover or Yom Kipur?"

He then asked if I belonged to a church and I told him I was catholic and he told me a joke about a catholic lady who spent her time at old folks homes, and as she was driving she ran out of gas, so she pulled over to this little corner store and asked if they had a gas can, they said no, so she looked in her trunk and found a bed pan. She walked down to the gas station and filled it up with gas, and then used it to put it into her tank. The one guy at the corner store said to the other, as they watched her empty the bedpan into the tank, "If she starts her car, I'm converting to catholicsim!"

I thanked him for making me laugh and he walked away.

2) The second old man who came by grilled me on the "drivers wanted" sign. I couldn't give him many answers because I don't *know* about the position, or what kind of trucks we drive, or anything like that. His blue eyes were piercing as he looked over his glasses at me. I squirmed. He then said he was 83 years old and wasn't going to drive anyways.

3) A middleaged woman and her husband came by and she told me what a wonderful idea our little dumpsters are. I told her my pitch and she took a business card. She started digging in her purse and then pulled out three religious tracts: "Winning the Gold" - about how Jesus is the only way to win; "God is greater than any problem I have" - self explanitory; and "Signs of the Last Days" which gave out bible verses for cross reference. The mention of a coming world dictator made me think of our president.

I thanked her and she walked away, only to come back seconds later to tell me how an evangelist told her congragtion about going to south america where people were living in landfills, and how there is beauty in the trash. In some ways I feel touched that she wanted to "save" me from my heathen life.

4) A silver haired man came lurking around my booth and I asked him if I could answer any questions for him. He said that all the questions he had were personal like "what time do you get off work?"

5) Three aisles behind me is a booth selling amazing lotion, which i need. This morning my hands were cracked and painful. I had been there on tuesday on one of my walk abouts, and he gave me a free squirt of lotion and I let him give me his spiel. Today I went back and bought a small tub. He totally hit on me. It was endeering and sweet. We talked about how business was and he told me there's no shame in renting out dumpsters. As I waited for my shuttle, he and his coworkers were there too, and he helped me up as I slipped on the frozen snow. They kept me company until their shuttle took them to their hotel.

So that was long, but I feel good for writing. I haven't seen the sun since Monday morning and I find myself waxing poetical. Perhaps it's a horrible side effect.

But I'm over the hump - two days left at the show and I'll be home to sleep in my own bed on Saturday.
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