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What IS it with me and things getting shoved in my skull?

Some of you may remember my scientologist dream from a while back in which my character was terminated by a giant iron key being plunged into my skull. Well, something similar happened last night, only replace scientologists with Zombies and the key with a steak knife.

So Charlie from "Land of the Dead" had become some sort of pseudo zombie. Not human, not zombie, had somewhat a nasty allergy to sunlight, and wanted to teach me a lesson. Now, this is not how my zombie nightmares normally go. This took place AFTER everything, survivors were making it along. Charlie said something about how I needed to see what it was like and threw something at me. At first I thought it was a dart because I felt a sharp pain in my arm, but then I felt pressure in my forehead. I rolled my eyes upwards and there, sticking out of my skull, right in the middle, there was a steak knife.

Surprisingly, I was not dead.

Charlie said I had to keep it there "or else" and then walked away. I reached up and took the knife out (still alive) and saw the gooey brain matter stuck to it, and then when on my merry way. I stopped at a small dingy diner and talked to the waitress and three other people. As I left, Charlie was there with more steak knives. He shook his head at me and went inside. I tried to stop him, telling him no! Really! The knife had just fallen out! and I slipped the knife back into my skull, but he was already throwing knives into the residents of the diner.

That's when I woke up because I just couldn't take the feeling of having a knife sticking out of my forehead and piercing my brain.

I'm off to the show now. I kind of want to die, but seeing how this is my last day, it wouldn't be very prudent.
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