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1) I was a biology TA at SNC but hadn't made my syllabus for class. My students were all freshman who had never taken a biology class before. The class room looked like my 9th grade bio room. When I dream of SNC, most of the classes take place in a very odd version of Boyle Hall.

2) While sitting in front of Mad/Lor, a crazy driver completely ran over a bum sitting on the side of the road. Like, the bum somehow got up under the tires and everything. They had a Maryland license plate so I wrote it down as they picked up the body and threw it into a dumpster behind PAC. Then the driver saw me and came at me with a tire iron. The driver was Sayid from lost. I tried to call 911 but every time I tried to dial, I dialed the wrong number.

3) After I escaped, I found a chicken running around out side of 3M. I followed it back into a forest behind the building (which is odd because the only thing back there is a river) where I found a whole chicken colony. They were being bred by Oliver Stone who lived in a cardboard box. He was their chicken God.
so, i too had some weird dreams, with one disturbing detail that matches yours. I needed to call the cops, but didn't know the number and called 911. Yet I kept dialing 199.

also, i just got up from a nap where i dreamed that i was being possessed, and to prevent it, i fell out of bed. and then my dresser morphed into MR who then swallowed me whole.
Bah! everyone knows that the GIRLS from Lost are the crazy drivers!