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So you told me what you liked about me here (and if you haven't yet, you should):

Now go to my Nohari window and tell me what you DON'T like about me here:
Wow, I can imagine that tool destroying friendships.
It has the potential, that's for sure, if you take it too personally. It's one of the things that make you go "hmmm....I didn't see that, maybe I could work on that..." Of course, I know what a lot of my faults already are ("smug" being one of them), so it's interesting to see what other people see.

Why isn't bossy on there? And how come loud is BAD?
And how come loud is BAD?

EXACTLY what I thought! I consider that one of my better qualities.
I know! It's virtually impossible for me to be quite. I think even my silences are loud!
I think even my brainwaves are loud. No one seems to pay attention, but I think loudly. What I'm baffeled by is how I'm insecure.... But hey, that'll come later. For now, I want to be loud! WEEE!

And cynical isn't so much bad as just factual...
There have been some posts where insecurites have shown. The was actually the last one I picked. Going after negatives are hard! We're all just too nice. And their selection kind of sucked.

And cynical isn't so much bad as just factual...
Likewise, smug isn't so much bad as it is just me being right ;)
i only think that loud is bad *sometimes*--like in libraries, or when it's constant. other than that, i'm grateful when people speak up instead of mumbling into their chests.
True, true....

And yeah, I didn't think that all the Johari window traits were particularly positive (although none were really negative) and some of the "weaknesses" I don't think are really weaknesses at al.
You're totally right. Behold, the powers of the English language. Good could be considered weak, bad could be considered strength, IT'S A TOPSY TURVY WORLD!!!!

And as long as no one is being malicious about it, it's all in fair play.

So now, who gets to choose which words are positive and negative? To someone who is shy or introverted, loud could be a bad thing. IT's all on how you look at them.
Yeah...and interesting that you bring up those specific traits (perhaps it was intentional?) because the biggest surface difference between the two of us is that I'm introverted and fairly shy (those being different traits, of course, that often have overlap in individuals) and you are anything but. I see loud as slightly negative, but not anything too bad -- it is very possible to be appropriately loud. There is a big difference between "outspoken" and "obnoxiously loud." Same way that "shy" is slightly negative, but there is a huge difference between "quiet" and "avoidant." And of course, all of these words have certain shades of meaning completely different from each of the words with which I have compared them -- the spectrum of meaning is not a straight line but a web of nuances. And of course, different words or concepts of being are interpreted at different levels of positivity or negativity in different cultures.
I seemed to have missed it all the first time round! But I like the positive better than the neg, but hey some of the neg aren't that good and vice versa. But mostly it's very interesting to find out what people think of you.
I think it would be interesting to have them ALL on one page, both neg and pos so that each person could decide how to use them. It would be a lot more balanced.
wow, you have *such balls* to make yourself a "nohari" window. i'm too afraid to see what people don't like about me. (and if i ever *do* make one, i'll be sure to add "insecure" to my list. :-) )
But really, I do know a lot of the things that aren't so good about me. And it's only fair - if I ask for the good I should ask for the bad too. If you love me, you love me warts 'n all ;)

Not that I have warts or anything.

'Cause I don't.

No offence to toads.