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So you told me what you liked about me here (and if you haven't yet, you should):

Now go to my Nohari window and tell me what you DON'T like about me here:
You're totally right. Behold, the powers of the English language. Good could be considered weak, bad could be considered strength, IT'S A TOPSY TURVY WORLD!!!!

And as long as no one is being malicious about it, it's all in fair play.

So now, who gets to choose which words are positive and negative? To someone who is shy or introverted, loud could be a bad thing. IT's all on how you look at them.
Yeah...and interesting that you bring up those specific traits (perhaps it was intentional?) because the biggest surface difference between the two of us is that I'm introverted and fairly shy (those being different traits, of course, that often have overlap in individuals) and you are anything but. I see loud as slightly negative, but not anything too bad -- it is very possible to be appropriately loud. There is a big difference between "outspoken" and "obnoxiously loud." Same way that "shy" is slightly negative, but there is a huge difference between "quiet" and "avoidant." And of course, all of these words have certain shades of meaning completely different from each of the words with which I have compared them -- the spectrum of meaning is not a straight line but a web of nuances. And of course, different words or concepts of being are interpreted at different levels of positivity or negativity in different cultures.