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But not because it's Valentine's day.

I hold no anomosity for Valentine's day at all, and I never have. When I was in elementary school, one year my grandmother helped me make the cards for my classmates. There was this one guy who I didn't like, and I wanted to write something mean in his card. My grandma told me that Valentine's day is the one day where everybody is loved, so I should make sure that's my goal.

Valentine's day is not about me. It's not about how many cards I get or don't get. Valentine's day is about making sure everybody feels loved. Keep that in mind when you want to throw a pitty party because no one is buying you a bunch of tacky shit they got last minute at Walmart because if they don't, you'll pout. Instead, call up your grandma and wish her a happy Valentine's day.

BUT THE REASON WHY I HATE THE WORLD is because I can't go to EC's dance next month! Work is making me do a trade show here in the cities (they just told me today). However, I should be able to go to their dance on the 31st, even though it's a Friday. I asked for a half day. I'll show up tired, cranky, and ready to drink, so you know I'm going to be a blast!

But I want a dinner dance, damnit. Abby, we may have to make our own 'cause these crush dances are getting old.
I thought the dance was on March 4th...
They are having 2 dances - the 4th (in which I am being forced to work a show) and the 31st. Or at least that's what the minutes said...
Oh wow, I'm a spaz.
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omg I love you like burning! :-P

*falls asleep*
YAY the 31st dance is going to be my birthday party. I'm claiming it as such.