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1) The PowerBall is up to $300 million.

2) Abby, do you want to buy tickets tonight?

3) What would YOU guys do with $300 million?
3a. Would you get the pay off right away or get the 20 year plan?
3b. Would you still work or quit your job?

4) I'm having trouble getting motivated to go to the gym. I have decided to spend at least part of my breaks every day walking up and down our stairs. We have five floors. This has nothing to do with the powerball.

5) Also nothing to do with powerball: This is just a diversion.
I would do the 20 year plan I think. I would also see if it would be financially feasable for me to become a full time poliblogger. If so I'd quit my job. If not I'd simply keep looking for a new job.
3. Two women at the same time, 300x. (obligatory response.)

(Deleted comment)
Thankfully, no. I keep a squirtgun in my desk just in case though.
Always, always, always take the one-time cash payout. Why?

1.) You have hyper-inflated income for one year and then pay on what you keep for each successive year. But you can take what you keep and put it into tax shelters like "foundations" or declare yourself a corporation or what not. You'll be able to hire a financial advisor who will guide you through it.

2.) The annuity is going to pay out exactly $300M and its value is cheapened by the US economy's consistent growth and inflation. The things you can invest in with $180M (let's guesstimate) grow with the economy as well as having the potential to worth much more than $300M.

3.) The cash payout is liquid and available to you at any point. The annuity is not.

4.) Seriously, is there anything you can buy with $300M that you can't with $180M?
A 300M island! Who wants a puny little 180M island! Puny island.
Yeah, but how are you going to pay for anything on your $300M island? So :P
Hmmmm Very good point!

But still you are looking at a 100M island with 80M for setting up the gvt and housing and the like...
I wonder how much islands do cost? It's got to be a lot.

God Bless the Internet, here's a website.

THat's where I spend my really bad days. I do want a WHOLE island, not just part of one. And a tropical one, not one of those damn cold weather climate ones (says the Minnesotan).
I can't afford the gym, but I do stairs at work too. My coworker and I do 10 floors and stairs up and 10 floors and stairs down. We add a floor each week. We've been doing this since Jan. I'm really digging it.
(Deleted comment)
I'm actually NOT in a writers group, but would love to be in one! I would totally be on board!

And thanks :) I'd love to read more of yours too
Take the wodge!

Set enough aside to ensure a comfortable income (for ever-and-a-bit), then have fun and be charitable with the rest!

Ideas include: Fund The Ultimate Fan-Run Convention Ever (pay the guests cash up-front, on condition they hang out in the bar with the fans)

Charter a Lear Jet for 24 hours and fly all around the world, stocking up with food'n'booze wherever appropriate (local delicaies inprted on-location; Cheese Steaks from Philadephia, Nando's from London, Amarula from South Africa, etc), picking up my friends, and having the closest thing possible to The Everlasting Flying Party from "Life, The Universe And Everything"

Get some Real Ale beer taps installed in my various houses, and hire someone to be my Cellar Manager

Invest in Jackalpack Games

So many mad-and-crazy projects!
in philadelphia would you go for cheesesteaks? Not all sandwiches are created equally.
Oh, that's easy.

alexlucard is
a) A native of Philadelphia
b) A good cook
c) Very fussy about his cheesesteaks.

I'd ask him for his recommendations... I'm fairly certain he did a column about Cheesesteaks a while back (including How To Make A Proper One, and Where You Go For The Best Ones)