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People Iced:Twenty Three
Car Bombs Planted:Four
Favorite WeaponPliers
Arms Broken:Three
Eyes Gouged:Twenty Six
Tongues Cut Off:Two
Biggest Enemy:The Weasel

Get Your HITMAN Name

In other news, I am so mood swingy it's not even funny. Dinner soon, and then some crafty fun.
You bet I am - I'm even buy some for my mom!

And my crafty project was a birthday card for a friend. I'm so hard core.

But I DO get to make a quilt square for my cousin's wedding this november! His mom is making the chuppa and has asked the family to each make a square. I think I'm going to find a nice granny square to crochet, and then sew it to the block. What do you think? Any good wedding related granny squares?
the cross stitch bible has lots of paterns for different squares. Some were very pretty.