Megmander (fantom07) wrote,

Grab Tiger, Return to Mountain

I had a disturbing dream last night, the kind of dream that left a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.

In the dream, one of my friends died, and I ended up going on a cross country trip to his funeral before his parents took his body to bury it in New York (I have no idea why New York). All the way back to California I came into awarness that he was dead. At first it was "wait, no, this is just a dream, he's not dead," but then it became more and more real the closer I got to home. It would hit me in stages in the cities that I stopped at and as I called his parents I would get the details of his death.

One city, I stopped at a diner to meet up with one of his friends who was also on the way to the funeral. I had never met this person before, but we figured we'd travel together. AmyLou was serving at the diner (mind you, far far away from Green Bay) and she came over to our table to cheer us up. Then Byron showed up out of the blue and the two of them got into a big fight. This is when the death of my friend really sank in - and I realized that he was really, really, really gone.

I never made it to the funeral, I woke up before I made it back to California, but the sinking feeling remains. I HATE it when dreams do that - they invade my day and now I feel like I should call up my buddy and make sure he's doing alright even though I know he's fine. My body is now wondering what is real and what is not. My dreams can be emotionally intense, and afterwards I feel spent - like I used all that energy for no real reason.
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