Megmander (fantom07) wrote,

brain explodes.

I went over to the Grey's Anatomy writers blog tonight to check up on the whole OMG GEORGE/MER fiasco, which I think they handled so well. So very, very well.

I've been reading the comments and I kind of want to die.

I luved the ep but come on why were addy and der laughing together eww,i think that the last sene was my favorite im glad their setting up a friendship cause if they do get together (which they should) they'll be stringer than before!!!
Plz get mer and der together soon i luv this show and ur a great writer!

Oh honey - please learn to type. I know this sounds hypocritical coming from me, but also learn to spell. Also: What could Mer benefit from dating a man who is married and still living with his cheating wife? Just because they look cute doesn't mean they will have oodles of issues. Let's think HEALTHY! (not that, by any means, was Mer's choice of sleeping with George healthy)

Well if Mer and George had to have sex - I am so glad it is over!!!! Maybe they will all get past it fast!!!! I hope one of the good things that come from it is that Mer and Derek will finally be together soon!!! I hope their friendship develops and it is even more MAGICAL than they have been so far!!(because that would be beyond words!!)They belong together!!! I hope you allow Derek through his friendship with Mer. to help her cope with everything that has happened to her lately!! As long as she has Derek I could careless if she has anymore friends!! He is all she needs!!!! Oh! Yeah!! Bring McSteamy back to be with Addison. They looked like they fit together well!!!Keep giving us Meredith and Derek together as friends or lovers - I'll take it any way I can get it right now!!!! Thanks for the great show!!! GA is the BEST!!!!!
Sweetie pie, lay off the exclamation points. And lay off the speed. AND OPEN YOUR EYES. Oh yes, and the "He is all she needs" scares the piss out of me.

I'm amazed by how many people don't see the VERY BAD CHOICES Meredith has made, and continues to make even though she knows better. I do hope that the writers finally help her see the light so she won't turn into this darling little depressed girl, a sparrow with a broken wing just waiting for Mr. Right (or Dr. Dreamy or whatever they call him).

And let's face it - in real life we do stupid things. We make choices with out thinking them through. People get hurt, our friends get hurt, we get hurt. But if we learn from what happened, we pick our selves up and move on. If Mer goes back to how she was after sleeping with George, THEN I will be mad. And if George goes back to being sad puppy, I will want to kill. But so far - George seems to have grown a spine and Mer...well...I don't know. There's nothing glamourous about being a damsel in distress when you have the keys to unlock your chains. YOu just become weak and sad.
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